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Email Database Marketing

This allows our clients, quickly and inexpensively, to reach a handpicked group of current customers and likely prospects via email newsletters.

We begin with an email list of people and businesses that already have a relationship with the company and are interested in the latest news.

From there the list can grow, as more people sign up to receive these emails. These notifications can also be easily forwarded to others, spreading the word at no added expense to the client.

Newsletters can be long-form and cover virtually anything: current client projects, hot product offerings, community involvement, even help wanted notices.

The approach can be straight forward or whimsical, retail- or image-oriented. Or they can be short, sticking to just one topic or alerting customers to an urgent or time-sensitive matter.

Whatever the format, email newsletters can be filled with appealing images, engaging videos, and, perhaps most importantly, hyperlinks to a client’s website, further expanding the message. There are few limits to the possibilities email database marketing offers.

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